Otley Bid |

We’ve been on a mission to help make our empty shops look more festive in the run up to our busy shopping season. These beautiful Winter scenes were painted on the former Tui and Taylor’s Shoe Shop in time for the thousands of visitors who descended for last weekend’s Otley Victorian Christmas Fayre The very talented artist is Jenny Tribillon. She works so hard, she started at 9.30am and finished at 8.30pm, that’s dedication for you! Please head over to her website if you like her work. 

Katie Burnett : We supplied her with tea and cake, it was fascinating to watch her come up with the ideas from old Otley photos and then adapt them. @courtyardplanters is certainly enjoying having its neighbour looking smart. 


 Lorraine Kerr-Holmes : They look absolutely amazing .. well done Jenny Tribillon !


Sarah Louise Cornelius : Love Jenny’s work, she’s a very talented lady, and quite a character 😊


Linda Lister : They look lovely well done Jenny


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