jenny at work for xmasI was born in the South of France in 1985.

My passion for art started when I was 10 years old, thanks to the American painter Thomas Darnell, who gave me art classes and boosted my confidence.

I studied sign writing and painting at Frédéric Mistral Art School in Nîmes.

I was then trained in window painting by the American artist Leslie Ronald.

Painting shop windows for Halloween, Christmas, St Valentine’s, Easter and for special events is now my main activity as a freelance artist, but I also do murals, decorating schools, painting on public or private spaces…

Lately, I have developed and improved  the technique of Trompe l’oeil which I find very challenging and exciting.

I live and work in England, but will contract elsewhere for stimulating projects.

My passions are travel, photography, diving and hiking.

People know me as Jenny Froglet and my art as Froglet Art