How to remove your window art

Here is my method to remove your window art : Put some hot water ( not boiling or it might split the glass ! ) in a bucket with a good dose of floor cleaner. Soak about 10 times with a sponge until the paint softens Remove the paint with a scraper fitted with a new blade. Catch … Read More

Home interior

Amy’s commission was technically very challenging, but I loved every minute of it and we are both happy about the result. … Read More

Spring vibes

The Leeds Library is the oldest surviving subscription library of its type in the British Isles, founded in 1768! It is extending just 2 doors down and it has been a pleasure to paint its new windows. Thanks for the Tweet.

Jenny on BBC Countryfile !

A good reminder that Christmas is coming, this was nearly a year ago already…Jenny was on BBC Countryfile with Tom Heap and his team.

Why booking Christmas windows now ?

My hand painted shop windows have become very popular in West Yorshire over the last few years. People often know me as Jenny Froglet and my art as Froglet Art. I  already have lots of demands for this coming Christmas and I would advise you to book now if you want a chance to get your own original … Read More


Kristie hired artist Jenny Tribillon to paint a mural across her shopfront and suddenly her little salon was the talk of the village. Click here for the Hudd… Read More

Christmas 2020

My Christmas window painting season has started. Christmas is a time of joy and magic. My paintings will hopefully contribute to recreating this feeling around towns and villages of West Yorkshire, this year more than ever !

Advent Day 1

Video made by Ian Longstaff for the joyproject uk . I am opening the 1st door of the advent calendar.Great project to follow to bring you some joy over the Christmas season… Launch Day 1 of A D V E N T 2020: 25 mini-movies about hope, joy and a brighter

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